Article Critique

Report Issue

Write a three page article critique on the following:

 Hurd, R. W. (2013). Moving beyond the critical synthesis: Does the law preclude a future for US unions? Labor History, 54(2), 193-200 

Answering the following:

  • What are the author’s main points? 
  • Do the arguments presented by the author support the main point? 
  • What evidence supports the main point? For example, if Tomlin’s thesis that the New Deal offered only a counterfeit liberty to labor is true, what effect does that have on employee morale? 
  • Briefly describe two collective bargaining strategies companies use when dealing with unions. How can these strategies affect employee morale? 
  •  What is your opinion of the article? 

 Cite all sources used; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.