Personal Philosophy Assignment

Personal Philosophy

As one approaches the end of her/his undergraduate academic studies in the Discipline of Human Movement, one may have chosen a professional track of study or has goals that may or may not relate to the Discipline of Human Movement. During academic studies and educational pursuits, one often formulates philosophical beliefs concerning the role of human movement in one’s life; professional services (careers) one wishes to render (pursue); and, possibly has refined the philosophical bases of one’s relationships with others, both professionally and personally, core beliefs about personal expectations and expectations of others, political interests, and one’s importance in her/his existence. Hopefully, the process of philosophy will continue to be both process and product and will be used to question core beliefs, acquisition of knowledge, and appreciation of the beauty of human experiences. (My future profession is nursing!) In this course, the branches of philosophy were presented and examined as well as viewpoints concerning reality, ethics, knowledge, beauty, etc. In the final learning experience of KIN 4296, each student is asked to examine her/his own personal philosophy concerning core beliefs and actions. Questions one may ask and discuss should be concerned with, but not necessarily limited to some of the following: What are the sources and rationale for your core beliefs? What are your responsibilities to your chosen profession, human movement, and your fellow person? What are your realities, ethics, ways of acquiring knowledge, and appreciation of beauty? Do you hold others to a higher standard of behavior than you hold yourself? Etc. These aforementioned questions are presented only as a guide to stimulate thinking about issues you may choose to address. This is your personal philosophy and your responsibility to provide an appropriate discussion of your philosophical issues. Further, reasoning, logic, and arguments need be included where appropriate. Relate this class to your past, present and future. (Please feel free to speak on any beliefs and responsibilities as a nurse for human movement etc.) The paper should be between 5 and 6 typed written pages (double spaced, 12 point, New Times Roman font). Proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. will be evaluated. The evaluator will not pass judgment upon your philosophical belief (it is your belief, not mine), however, the evaluator will grade the paper on your coherent presentation on the arguments, examples, analogies, cause and effect, authority, etc. that are chosen to represent your philosophies on the issues discussed. The paper should flow logically from belief (idea) to belief, be internally consistent to the premise of that belief, and provide support for each of your beliefs. Finally, conclusions need to be made that generally summarize your personal philosophy.

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