What is cultural diversity within organisations?

What is cultural diversity within organisations?

Part 1 (Main)

Explain what cultural diversity is, and where possible try and use examples to support your answer (word count: 700-750, excluding references).


Analyse and evaluate Organisational Behaviour issues and apply theories, concepts and models.
Identify and discuss strategies to improve work performance based on relevant Organisational Behaviour theories.
Use theories, concepts and models to justify and defend understanding of topical Organisational Behaviour issues.
Use Harvard referencing style.

The attached e-book is the course required reading book. The contents from Chapter 11 especially, module 11.3 in the book are import part for this writing assessment. Please make use of some as references during the writing.

Please make sure that all references can be searched using most universities’ online library searching engines. And try not to use references that are from Africa or South America.

Part 2 (Reflective)

There has been changes over the topic ‘cultural bias affected women and minorities in terms of employment opportunities’. Provide an example of this type of change in your own life experiences (word count: 150±).


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