190.314 Research essay

What impact does environmental legislation in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the United States have on the operation of airports? Choose at least one airport in each country to illustrate your argument.

Course guide: This course looks at legal issues in aviation and how this affects those in the industry.  Due to the inherently international nature of the industry, we will look at the frameworks provided by  international aviation law and how those are incorporated into the laws of New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the United States.

The 2021 Course Guide is below.  You need to read the Course Guide thoroughly before you do anything else.  The Study Guide is linked from the top of this page and mostly focuses on Part A of the course, because Part B is independent study.  In Part A, the Study Guide is divided up into the study weeks suggested on page 16 of the Course Guide.  In the section of the Study Guide covering Part B, I will suggest some research resources which you may find useful.

To keep the content fresh and relevant, I have updated the set texts. You will now use Stephen Penk & Mary-Rose Russell New Zealand Law: Foundations and Method (2018) for the domestic legal topics and then move on to using Benjamyn Scott & Andrea Trimarchi Fundamentals of International Aviation Law and Policy (2020). Both these texts are linked as free e-books in Ngā Rauemi – Course Resources. Ngā Rauemi is where you will find all the readings for each week of this course.







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