5 major building faults and their remedies for a domestic residential dwelling

5 major building faults and their remedies for a domestic residential dwelling

The assignment mainly focuses on the week 1, 2 and 3 course material and specifically on residential construction. You will be required to write a 1,800-word report describing five major building faults and their remedies for a domestic residential dwelling. The following information is important for completing the assignment successfully:

• The building faults do not have to be confined to one residence, nor is the report a report on one residence alone. The report can focus on one property or a number of properties.

• The report should be referenced using the Harvard (author, year) referencing system, including a bibliography and appendices. Please also see the Harvard PDF document in this tab.

• Photographs taken by you of the faults should be included in the report. Please reference your photographs even if they are your own (Photos provided in report)

• It is accepted that most observed faults would not be remedied within the time frame of the report, so you should report on accepted remedies.

• Where you have included comparison photographs and /or drawings from other sources and they are not your own work, the source should be referenced.

• Discussions with individuals such as homeowners, architects, tradesmen, professionals, etc. should also be referenced. Further instructions:

• Please make sure your name is on the document, together with page numbers

• A page index is NOT required

• Suggested writing style:

· No essays please, keep to the point, cut to the chase.

· Use dot points where possible.

· Investigate reports done by valuers to see what is typical in the industry.

· Describe all typical remedies but suggest ‘to your client’ which one of the described remedies you prefer.

• Suggested use of photos:

· Take precise photos on site (provided in the file) · Use an arrow on photos to indicate the defect precisely.

• Suggested remedies:

· Describe how you will fix the problem (primary defect) and then how you will rectify the damages caused (secondary defect). (E.g. if a roof leak you must fix the roof first and then only fix the damages caused because of the leak – for instance to repaint the ceiling.)

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