The Interwar Years

The Interwar Years
The Interwar period (1919-1939) was characterized by the growth of “isms.” Fascism, communism, socialism, nazism, antisemitism, pacifi sm, consumerism,feminism, and capitalism are but a few. All had impacts on various peoples around the globe.
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in order to help better prepare you for this assignment.

Using “isms” from the list above (or another with the approval of your teacher), address the following question in the form of an essay:
Were the interwar years a period of hope and development, or were they a period of despair and regression?
If you have not done so already in, reflect on what you have learned about the interwar years (1919-1939). Draw a conclusion about whether or not you felt they were a period of hope and development or a period of despair and regression. You are welcome to consider and reference the experiences of a variety of nations and peoples around the globe. Use your thinking to formulate a thesis, and remember that you will support your thesis using a reference to different ‘isms’ you have previously become familiar with.

Interwar Years Outline
You may wish to make use of the following resources to help you plan out your essay before you begin writing.

 Essay Graphic Organizer
 Essay Outline
Your essay should be approximately 1500-1800 words in length, and be formatted accordingly:
Begin your essay with an introductory paragraph.

 Introduce the historical context of the interwar years.

 Articulate your thesis statement within your introduction and briefly introduce your main arguments.
 Remember that your main arguments should make some reference to at least three ‘isms’ you have become familiar with throughout your study of world history.
 Include at least 3 body paragraphs that explain your main arguments in greater detail.
 Adequately support each of your arguments with historical evidence and research information.
 Ensure that your arguments help support your thesis and are related to three ‘isms’ you have become familiar with throughout your study of world history.
 Finish your essay with a concluding paragraph where you summarize your argument and main pieces of supporting evidence. You may wish to leave the reader with an additional question or information to consider.
 Format your essay according to the conventions outlined in the
, and be sure to cite all of your sources throughout your essay.
 Chicago Manual ofStyle
Include a properly formatted bibliography at the end of your essay. 
Use the conventions outlined in the
to format your assignments. Properly citing your sources shows that you respect the ideas of others and helps protect you from plagiarizing. The formatting style should be used to create bibliographies, endnotes, and/or footnotes.
Chicago Manual of Style

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