Achieving A Perfect Research Is Not Possible

Achieving A Perfect Research Is Not Possible


The word research means, looking for something that cannot be found or even, looking for additional things to add up to what others have already found. So, by going with these definitions I totally agree to, there is no hope of doing perfect research. I can say that the purpose of research is for the researcher to gain new knowledge. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to investigate and analyze the idea of doing any research so as, to conclude whether it’s of importance or not.

Yes I agree to the statement, there is no hope of doing perfect research. If I go by the definitions, one can not be sure if, someone else somewhere has done the same research and found the results. Our ancestors could also have found the answers to the research questions. So, you can not say that you’re the first. Another reason, as to why am agreeing to the statement, is that, we human beings, are not perfect. Perfect means correct with no mistake in any way. This is hard to achieve since we humans are made to make errors in what we do. I will base my agreement on two studies; the research to find out if diabetes is caused by sugar. The second study is, whether eating fish reduces the possibility of heart diseases.

In the first study I discovered that there are two types of diabetes. Type 1, which is caused, if there is no insulin produced due to damaged cells in the pancreas. There is no prevention for type 1 diabetes and injections are used to cure the patients. The study also revealed type 2 diabetes that is caused due to lack of enough insulin in the body or where, the insulin is resistant. The cure of this type of diabetes is to eat a healthy balanced diet, physical exercises and checking one’s weight. The study also showed that, the patients of this type of diabetes could also relay on medication. Both research found out that sugar is not the cause. This means that doing research will help to increase ideas to existing findings and also, show the difference in the findings of different researchers’ .Hence, there is no hope of doing perfect research. Each research is affected by different conditions such as: location and state of mind of the researcher, and due to these different conditions, different results are expected (Diabetes UK Website).

In the second study, many researchers have found different findings, to as whether; eating fish reduces the possibility of heart diseases. According to Stone, in three prospective studies, men who ate fish at least in a week, had a lower coronary heart disease than those who did not eat (Kris-Etherton et al.106:2747-2757).However, another group find out that there was no correlation of eating fish with heart diseases. According to Ascherio et al, there is no correlation between the two variables (Katan 332:1024-1025).Still in this study, all the research done on the question show different findings to the same question.

From the cited studies and many other more it clearly shows that research will always show different findings with each researcher coming up with his/her own results. These results can never be perfect and we cannot say that they are the original results. Due to this, I agree with Griffiths that, there is no hope of doing perfect research.

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