Activity 3 Communication & Education

Activity 3: Communication & Education

Lucreshia Jackson

American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Dr Teri Logghe

21st September 2022

Activity 3: Communication & Education

Communication and education influence the health status of a community. Communication influences health by creating a positive connection between the communication skills of the health associates and the ability of the patients to track through with the given medical sanctions, manage a chronic health condition by themselves, and adopt preventive behaviours of health (Butow & Hoque, 2020). On the other hand, education allows those educated within the community to experience better health care, as reflected by the higher levels of self-reported health and low mortality, disability, and morbidity (Andersson, 2022).

Using various communication channels allows health messages to shape interpersonal. Mass media, community, small group, and community level campaigns. These communication strategies related to health aim to alter a community’s attitudes, knowledge, and behaviours, for example, reinforcing positive behaviours and increasing risk perception (Butow & Hoque, 2020). Quality education provides the foundation for well-being and health (Andersson, 2022). For the community to lead productive and healthy lives, they require the knowledge of preventing diseases and sickness. For both adolescents and children to learn, they would need to be healthy and nourished.

Communication and education assessment of sentinel city


After undertaking a slow tour around Sentinel City, I observed only a single school, the Sentinel City School District that was found in Industrial Heights. This school was in good shape with a crossing guard. The school had a playground that appeared to be in good shape with all working equipment. The children in the school were in their uniforms and also had backpacks. However, there were no signs of parents dropping their kids to school in cars or buses. The children in the school were middle-aged and could be seen walking in groups. I could not locate a university despite there being offered a brochure while on my tour, which had the programs offered, graduation rates, and course offerings. I could also not see any public library, but I observed a bookstore in Acer Tech Center.

The immunization data of Sentinel City provided showcased that the number of kids in Kindergarten was below the national average. The highest percentage of children in Kindergarten were from Nightingale Square, with only a few percentages below the national average. At the same time, the Industrial heights had the highest percentage, at 10%, of those below the national average (Sentinel City, 2022). There were also daycares in Sentinel City, such as the ABC daycare in Casper Park. There were several other daycares around the city. There were 8 daycares in Nightingale, 29 daycares in Acer Tech, 7 in Industrial Heights, and 21 in Casper Park (Sentinel City, 2022). This curriculum explored weekly topics as the majority and a mix of crafts and home-based arts. The immunization records for kids between 18-35 months in Industrial Heights were at 78%, while Nightingale Square was at 94% (Sentinel City, 2022).


The usage of billboards for advertisement is common in Sentinel City. The four neighbourhoods of this city have billboards. These billboards have primarily been used for business advertisements. There are also informative billboards used to educate the public—for example, the noticeboard between Elm and Stephen Street. The bulletin board along Louche road informs the community about the planned housing redevelopment project. As I took the tour around the city, I observed a demonstration by the citizens around the City Hall, suggesting that the residents are active politically. This means there are predominant party associations in the area. The three forms of formal communication in Sentinel City include mass media, bulletin boards, and billboards. Mass media channels include WSEN, NEWS4V television channel and Radio Buzz FM. An informal form of media is Twitter, which reports the hostage situation around the ABC centre (Sentinel City, 2022).

Therefore, from this information, billboards are an effective method of mass communication to educate the residents of Sentinel City about the foodborne outbreak involving E.coli. E. Co is an infection related to hygiene and spreads through eating and drinking contaminated food (RCDCP, 2021). Billboards are everywhere in Sentinel City and can be accessed even by vulnerable populations such as the homeless. The public billboards in this city are also known to provide informative education.


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