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Activity: My Keywords

Student’s Name

Institution Affiliation

Course Name and Code

Professor’s Name


Topic: Poor performance and female students

Variation of identity- Poor performance by students

Specific identity- Females students


Poor performance- Underperformance, substandard performance, disappointing performance, or mediocre performance.

Female students- Female pupils, girl students, female learners, girl learners, students of the female sex, women learners, school girls, women students

Subtopics where I can mine for some keyword

Poor performance of girls in mathematics

School-based factors that affect girl’s performance

Factors affecting female student performance

Factors influencing academic performance of girls

Boolean keyword search

(“underperformance* OR “poor performance*) AND (“female students” OR girls OR Female pupils OR girl students OR female learners) NOT boys

After trying the Boolean keyword search on google

At first, the results were not helpful, and therefore had to refine them. At first, when I included all the synonyms, their results were generally on poor performance based on gender differences and therefore not specific to the female students; performance. Consequently, I had to use a few synonyms to get a helpful search result.

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