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Adidas Company

Adidas is a multinational company that is commonly prominent in dealing with sporting goods. It being among the best and largest sporting industry in the world it offers a wide range of attire and footwear among other hardware such as game balls which are essential in sports. It encourages recycling of the old products, and it produces up to around a hundred and ten million pairs of sporting shoes annually.

Adidas organization is socially responsible and has developed a program that facilitates is functionality. It plays a vital role in giving back to the community either directly or through indirect ways. One way is through the act of taking the old sporting footwear and other clothing and recycling them to produce their new brands. For instance, in the year 2012, half of the material used manufacture athletic shoes was recycled while the jackets and shirts were made entirely from the old recycled products. The recycling program is advantageous to the society as it reduces the amount of polystyrene in the landfills which can be a threat to the environment. It also reduces energy consumption at the supplier level (Holtbrügge, et al. page 19). The people who take part in helping the organization collect the old sporting attires and shoes among other product are given preference as well as a bonus after the production of new commodities. Their aim of striving to improve their production and supply with a motive of ensuring there will be no emission of hazardous chemicals to the environment coming the year 2020.

Adidas organization show the high value of honesty and openness when it comes to dealing with the clients and other business partners. It is accomplished through carrying out the business in an ethical and fair manner where all the parties involved in various sectors are valued. Fair play being the core drive enables the firm to participate in a friendly competition as they believe in discovery more than competing. Adidas focuses on the journey to discover the unknown but not battle to win other the competing firms. The quality, friendly pricing as well as excellent customer care proves the organization’s honesty when it comes to its operation.

The aim of every running company is making a profit and achieving the targeted goal of improving its operations. The case is similar to Adidas, but this cannot be achieved without the customers who are the buyers of their sporting footwear and attires. The accomplish the objectives of the firm, Adidas company have to build a good network that appropriately links them to the clients who in return will have the incentive of buying and promoting the manufactured product (Jayawardhana, page 79). Even though Adidas gives priority quality and ethical production, income generation is what makes it keep running in the right direction. Customers come first in the business as they are as well important in company growth.

Due to the Adidas organization high sales per year, they make significant high profits which they use to enlarge and facilitates the company’s productivity. That is they use the money to generate more income. Using the revenue gained wisely, the company has been able to allocate branches in many countries all over the world actually in more than a hundred nations globally (Wang, page 6). Creating new products that will enable sports to change peoples’ lives is among the critical step that the company has taken, and it is through using its assets appropriately in enhancing production of unique brands.

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