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‘Advanced’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Discipline’

This assignment requires all the students taking the advanced writing course to post something about the meanings of the words advanced writing and discipline. The post is supposed to include some definitions from the dictionary and then show how we understand the meaning of these three words. As it follows, I will first define the words as they are discussed in two different dictionaries, and then offer a definition that reflects my own understanding of the terms. In addition to this, I will also demonstrate some of my expectations of this particular course. I will also show what I expect to be covered or taught in the class and how we can our past knowledge and skills in communication and writing in advancing this course.

The Merriam- Webster dictionary has a number of definitions of the word advanced, a few of which only apply to this particular class. One of the most relevant definition of advanced in this dictionary is the one that describes advanced as being more than or being beyond introduction or elementary. Another essential definition describes advanced as much developed beyond or more than the initial stage. A third essential definition from this dictionary is the one that defines advanced as being further away from others when it comes to ideas or progress. One can, therefore, use this word in different circumstances. For instance, one can say advanced biology, chemistry or English class. One can also use the word to form a sentence like, advanced methods of science.

The online also offers a number of definitions for the word advanced. One of the definitions offered in the dictionary defines advanced as being placed forward or ahead. Another crucial definition derived from this dictionary defines advanced as far or ahead or further along in complexity, progress, skill or even knowledge. Advanced is also shown or defined as embodying or pertaining to ideas, attitudes, and practices. In this case, the word advanced can be used to mean that one is taken or seen as being more liberal or enlightened when compared to the established, standardized or traditional. As it follows, these definitions can be used differently in sentences. One, for instance, can use the second definition of advanced in such sentences as, an advanced class in English, or taking a course in advanced Spanish. I understand the term advanced as any skills, knowledge, ideas, practices or attitudes that have developed more than the normal or usual stages. I understand that one has to learn more and acquire more skills and knowledge about a particular discipline to become advanced in that discipline.

The other word of interest in this post is writing. The term has numerous definitions according to Merriam- Webster dictionary. The dictionary defines writing as the process or act of one who writes or the art or act of forming characters or letter that are visible. The dictionary also defines writing as the practice or act of musical or literary composition. Writing can also be understood as the form or style of composition, or the profession or occupation of a writer. defines writing as the act of a thing or person who writes. It also defines writing as putting or committing one’s ideas or thoughts into writing. I also have my own understanding of the term writing. I think that writing is not just the ability to put words together or the ability to draw characters or words that are presentable. To me, writing is the ability for one to put characters and syllables together so that they are able to make sense, communicate the intended message and show the level of expertise of that particular individual or writer. As it follows, I do not see someone who is able to take notes in class as a writer; neither can I take the notes the take down as writing. However, if that student is able to answer questions from the same class in the form of writing that show the understanding of the course material, and do it comprehensively and presentably, then I can take him as a writer, because he displays ideas, knowledge and skill.

Discipline is an extremely common word, and it has a number of meanings as presented by a number of dictionaries. The Merriam- Webster dictionary, for instance, offers a number for definitions for the term. It is essential to note that the word holds a number of meanings. For instance, it can be used to mean discipline, it can also be used to stand for a field of study, or training that molds, corrects or perfects moral character and mental faculties. The dictionary also describes discipline as the control obtained from enforcing order and obedience. also has numerous definitions of the term. Some of these include training or molding to act according to rules. It is also defined as exercise, activity or a regimen that improves or develops a skill. It also defines discipline as punishment inflicted by way of training or correction. All these definitions are applicable in different cases. I understand discipline as a field of study that one chooses to specialize in above others.

These three words can be used together to come up with the term advanced writing discipline. This term can be used to mean a writing course in a certain discipline that is advanced. This writing course could have been covered in several other uncomplicated stages before one becomes qualified to undertake the advanced class. In such a course, it expected that the students would learn ideas; practices, knowledge and skills that will enable them become competent in writing or expressing their ideas through writing. It expected that by the end of the course, all students would have learned or refined their writing skills.

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