Advantages that occur as a result of practicing diversity management





Human Resources Management: Advantages that occur as a result of practicing diversity management


In an article by Edward Hubbard titled ‘The Business Case for Diversity’, a lot is mentioned concerning the advantages that occur as a result of practicing diversity management that is effective. Many reasons are usually given by managers concerning why they need to participate in diversity management. Some believe that they have to work with the diverse groups as the management has made it mandatory. On the other hand, there are others who believe that diversity management is the right thing to do. Fortunately, modern managers are aware about what can take place at the work place, if they are able to ensure that their diverse work force is managed. There are many strategies as well as concepts that can describe how business performance is affected by diversity. They include; innovation, creativity, problem-solving strategies, as well as marketing strategies. The mentioned factors are all ways through, which an organization can increase its revenues.

The article by Vincent Cramer is titled ‘Diversity: A Capitalist’s Dream’. It gives detailed information regarding how the evolutionary process of business is being affected. Moreover, it is vital that leaders that are involved in Diversity Programs understand and recognize their organizations well, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Diversity Attainment is only possible if diversity is captured in the right degrees. As a result of the never ending communications, mobility and diversity in the world, dynamic changes do not have a finishing line. Therefore, this means that the best time to ensure that an organization’s potential in terms of diversity is unleashed is now. Certain factors need to be known in order for the power to be effectively unleashed. They include; diversity and quality report card, the differentiation proclamation, asset recognition and the road to fairness from fiscal and then back again.

It is believed that through diversity management that is effective the organization’s productivity will improve. Also, it will be possible to ensure that the various market place segments are accessed; processes are improved, as well lifting the employee’s morale. There is no reason why any business that wants to succeed should not follow this organizational practice. Furthermore, organizations should know that there is a relation between revenues and costs and diversity management. Since many companies are becoming extremely diverse, it is vital that they are managed and understood well. The workforce is diverse because people are from various religions and races. In order for performance in an organization to improve, there must be a workforce that is diverse. Leaders who are aware about diversity can easily communicate to other employees, and, therefore, reduce stereotyping.

There are some people who are against diversity as they claim that it leads to discrimination at the work place. Also, other employees become easily misunderstood, due to their various backgrounds. The objective of equality is still far from being achieved as people have not yet embraced it. In my opinion, I believe that diversity should be encouraged, and policies set up to encourage it. Employees should be informed before hand, in case there might be new employees, who are different from them. This reduces the cases of resistance from the employees, and in turn, a conducive environment for work exists. Indeed, diversity management is a practice that should be implemented in every organization, due to the challenges that are associated with it.

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