Advocating for Social Justice


Consider the following topics. In many U.S. communities, low-income populations use the
emergency room instead of going to a physician or mid-level provider’s office. They often do not
pay the bill for their service, which shifts the cost of their care to other, paying patients at the
hospital. This practice drives up the cost of health care, but what else can hospitals do? They
have to have a certain amount of income to keep their doors open. Is this fair? What if these sick
people remain untreated and infect others? Is this just? Do they deserve care so that they don’t
infect others? We talk about a culture of poverty in this country. What does this mean to you?
What about those people who seem to bilk or misuse the health care system? Do they deserve care? If so, who should pay for it? Shouldn’t everyone be forced to carry health insurance so that
everyone has a pay source? Can we expect people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps?
Now consider the following questions:
What does social justice mean to you? Is social justice the same as socialized medicine or even
The notion of social justice is fairness so that everyone can achieve a certain level of health and
wellness. After all, the Constitution guarantees everyone the right to pursue happiness. Is the
health care system fair?
If you could wave a magic wand and fix the health care system, what is the first thing you would
notice indicating that it had changed? Or, in your opinion, do you think it needs to be changed at

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