Airport Essay Introduction to Airports

Airport Essay Introduction to Airports

Introduction to Airports Adopt an Airport / Presentation GuidelinesAdopt an Airport:

Each student will “adopt” an airport to study in parallel with class topics. Each student will select one major or popular airport within the first week of class. The airport can be domestic or international. Airports (almost all) should have websites that include comprehensive information about their airport and facilities. You can answer many of the assigned topics by searching through their website. There are many other sources of information too, and they are listed within the e-Learning site and within the syllabus. You might consider contacting at least one administrative employee at the airport. If the airport is close enough, you might be able to visit or take a tour. Some
administrators are extremely busy, and others are willing and available to speak with you a number of times.

Term Report:

During the semester you will be compiling information that corresponds to the topics thatwe are studying. Your collected information will relate to your adopted “real-world” airport.
Summarizing your response based on your research. Use the writing guidelines for formatting. Organization of the Report:Cover Sheet: Including your name, the class, the airport you have adopted and the date (APA style please).

Topic documentation:

For chosen topics you must include pertinent information based on what you learned in class/lesson(I have included the lesson question below). Your information should be comprehensive, factual, clear and concise. Always use the writing guidelines format, including APA referencingfor factual
material (see Sources below). The topic summaries must contain valid and applicable content. Additional pages for graphs, tables, illustrations, etc. may be added.

Supplemental Information:

You may include supplemental or miscellaneous information about the airport that you find interesting or useful, such as
economic impact statements, airport diagrams, airport master plans, photos, newspaper articles, etc.


Document your sources using APA format.
Sources may include newspaper clippings, periodical articles, and websites. APA: Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced, references page, running title/header with page numbers at top, cover page properly formatted and proper in-text citations.

Topic Requirement:

Each student should write on a minimum of 4 topics/lessons from class (i.e. public relations, government roles at airport, grants, airspace, etc.). Each topic should be 1 -2 pages, NOT including pictures.
Identify any governmental entities and/or org structures that play a role at your selected airport. Cite a reference, document, or information that indicates that role.
o Discover information related to your adopted airport.
o Include in your AAA report the NPIAS information related to the role and classification of your airport.
o Also include current and forecasted activity numbers for enplanements, operations, cargo tonnage, active and based aircraft, and similar data that you find. (FAA Forecasts)
Describe the relation the airport has with its constituents and stakeholders, as culled from news reports, public agendas, and similar reports. Include information on the type of public relations, marketing, advertising and other outreach efforts or activities your airport performs. Identify special efforts to involve stakeholders.
Seek to obtain the airport master plan and/or executive summary for your airport. Write a synopsis about the future development goals of your airport with supporting arguments or data.
AAA Project:

Seek to obtain the ALP for your airport or any information about the Part 77 requirements, such as local ordinances and restrictions (check the master plan). Write a synopsis about the Part 77 surfaces, the local height zoning restrictions, and their impact on the airport. Pay attention to the obstacles shown in the approach and departure profiles shown in the ALP set.

AAA Project:

Using basic knowledge about your airport, the ALP you’ve acquired, or satellite photos of the airport, draw a basic diagram of the airport runway layout and color or mark to scale the RSA, RESA, and for each runway. Also, identify and draw the CA for the GS, LOC, and VOR. Include the drawing in your report

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