Analyzing organizational structure and culture in an organization

Analyzing organizational structure and culture in an organization

Read each of the following scenarios (below) dealing with employment law.  For each, please identify the following and submit via Canvas:

  1. Do you believe the employee in the scenario has a valid complaint and/or discrimination has taken place?  Why or why not?  What are the key facts in the scenario?
  2. Under what law(s) do you believe the alleged discrimination has taken place?  Please identify the law, by name, through a review of your textbook.

Scenario A

Amy was hired at Neuman Manufacturing six weeks ago. She liked her job except for one thing—several days ago she learned of a gift received by a co-worker that she believed was not ethical. She reported this information to Human Resources and was terminated at the end of the current pay period. Would Amy have a valid complaint against her employer? Why or why not? Last night John went to a party to blow off some steam. Work had been really tough this week. While he was out, some people were passing around some marijuana and John decided that this would help him to relax even more. When he got to work the next day, the mobile drug testing van pulled up to his workplace. John drew a random number and was required to take the drug test—it came back positive for THC. John was terminated for non-compliance with the company’s drug-free workplace policy. John wants to file a charge of discrimination against his employer because he claims that his boss is overbearing and causing him undue stress. 

Scenario B

Ed has worked with his employer for 30 years, he started after graduating from college. Despite his years of service, Ed has never advanced above the mailroom. The company announces a new management development program and Ed thinks this is his opportunity to move up in the company. He participates in the tests, scores well enough to be granted an interview, does well in the interview and makes it to the final five candidates. When the four management development positions are awarded, Ed does not receive one. Ed thinks he has been discriminated against.

Scenario C

Suzan works for a bank as a teller, she has been a good employee for over twenty years. A new manager is assigned to Suzan’s branch. One day, when balancing the branch after business is complete, the new manager believes that $10,000 is missing. The manager recounts each drawer and determines that Suzan is off by $10,000. She immediately terminates Suzan on the spot. The internal audit team comes in to follow up, they determine that the manager had mistakenly counted Suzan’s “bait money” as cash in the drawer—thus Suzan was not off by $10,000 at the end of the day.

Scenario D

Frank works as a cashier for a department store. He operates a teller window that takes payments, cashes checks, and answers questions for customers. While riding his bicycle one weekend, Frank has an accident. After six weeks of recovery, Frank returns to work but is unable to stand. His supervisor claims that Frank is required to stand at the cashier’s window and, if he is unable to do this, will have to transfer to a lower-paying job.


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