Anatomy and Physiology

Word counts are the maximum number of words for each question.  Where possible use references (journal articles and textbooks) to support your answers.   Do not abbreviate words.  In-text citations are included in word counts. 



1.     Describe the structure and function of one of the following (300 words):

a.     The heart

b.     Arteries

c.     Veins



2.     Define blood pressure and describe how blood pressure responds to acute aerobic exercise.  Consider both components of blood pressure. (50 words).



3.     Where does the Krebs cycle take place and what is the purpose of this cycle? (50 words)



4.     Compare minute ventilation and alveoli ventilation. (150 words)



5.     Describe the role of Golgi tendon reflex. (100 words)



6.     Compare the role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in human physiology. (150 words)



7.     Define the following terms and provide an example of an occasion when each could be used (100 words in total).


a.     Lactate threshold



b.    VO2max



c.     RPE



8.     List the three main types of bone cell and provide a brief description of each cell (60 words in total)





Anatomy and Physiology


  1. Describe the structure and function of the heart (300 words)
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