Annotated Bibliography: The effects of COVID on employment and business.


Write an annotated bibliography about “The effects of COVID on employment and business.”

In this assignment, you will:
1. critically read 3 academics (e.g., peer-reviewed journal article, book chapter) and 2 non-academi
(e.g., professional publication) texts that inform your research question
2. write an annotation (250-350 words) for each source
3. include in each annotation:
1)citation information in APA style
2)annotation of the source (e.g., highlight key findings, methodology, contribution, implications)
3)the source’s importance to your argument e (e.g., value of the source’s contribution, quality of the
research, limitations of the research/article)
4)at least one statement that connects the source to another source (or several) in your annotated
bibliography (e.g., How would you use this source in a 10-page research paper?)
4. prepare your submission:
1)write an introduction (include context, research topic, and research question)
2)write 5 annotations
3)follow APA guidelines (e.g., title page; use of Times New Roman size 12 font, double spaced text
margins; references list is optional).

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