Assignment 2

Explain how the certificated airline industry has changed since deregulation in terms of expansion, consolidation, and concentration. Describe several innovations pioneered by the major air carriers in the early 1980s that radically changed the structure of the industry.

Assignment 2

What do you think are the three most important airport security initiatives that surfaced following the 9/11 attack?  Why?  Please submit your 1-2 page response in a Word document.  A title page and abstract is not required but please cite your sources in accordance with current APA formatting.

Assignment 2

Write a one page essay on the fundamental flight line and front desk operations of an FBO.

Please include a Title and Reference Page.

APA-7 Format is required.

Assignment 2

Write a 2-3 page summary about why the Airport Security Program is essential for the protection of an Airport.The airport security plan is a well-defined program. that describes the actions to be taken to protect airlines, passengers, staff, aircraft, and property against terrorist. or criminal acts.



I need complete 2-3 pages answer of the following assignment as per provided instructions below. HALF PAGE LENGTH IS NOT ACCEPTED. Must address all steps properly. Must include 3 credible references cited in APA. Must provide 100% original answer.


Advertisers and marketers use motivation theory when they create advertising campaigns by pairing their products with items that arouse positive emotions. Find a video clip of a commercial for a particular product, and identify which motivations are being targeted in the ad.

Writecompletetwo to three pages paper about motivation in which you do the following:

  • 1.      Summarize the commercial (include a link to it).
  • 2.      Describe which motivation(s) being targeted in the ad, and explain which motivations are not being targeted.
  • 3.      Compare the different theories of motivation (instinct, evolutionary, drive, arousal, incentive, and hierarchal), and explain how they differ. Explain which theory best fits the advertisement you selected.

Note: Be sure to properly cite any resources you use and post a link to the clip. You will be assessed on whether your paper is clear and logically organized; whether the content is comprehensive and relevant; whether the language is appropriate to the audience; whether writing is clear and concise; whether grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation follow standard American English; and whether references are consistent with appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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