Aviation Market Analysis and Forecasting Assignment

Aviation Market Analysis and Forecasting Assignment

Market Analysis (35%):

a) What is the demand profile and competitive environment of the current aviation market to/from Birmingham?

b) What are the key factors that have historically driven demand in this market?

c) Have traffic trends been consistent ?

d) What is the forecast for the future in the short, medium and long term ?

e) What are the opportunities, challenges and threats to the market ?

f) Analyse and critically evaluate the importance of different factors that could influence the demand for air transport to/from Birmingham in the future.

Forecasting (35%):

a) Select and make a passenger forecast for TWO routes that are currently operating from Birmingham for a three year period from 2020 to 2022 inclusive.

b) Select and make a 1 year passenger forecast for ONE new route that is not currently operating from Birmingham.

c) Select TWO routes that are currently operated by at least TWO airlines from Birmingham and calculate the airlines projected individual market share in 2020 using the QSI index.

You should consider the different elements of the QSI index and which factors should be included in your projections for the most accurate result.

You may assume that the frequency, timings, fares and aircraft type employed are as per 2019. For part a) and b) please ensure that you make clear the forecasting methodology that you are using.

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