Basic Elements of Marxist Political and Economic Theory

Basic Elements of Marxist Political and Economic Theory

Final Assessment Outline


Competency Name:                                                               Marxism


Competency Statement:  This course treats the development of Marx’s thought from classical German philosophy through historical materialism.  Themes emphasized include the dialectic method, alienation, the class struggle, the theory of capitalist crises, the revolutionary state, and proletarian internationalism.


Final Assessment Title:                                                       Essay

Program Learning Outcomes:

Institutional Learning Outcomes:                                N/ Competency Objectives


  1. Understand the Basic Elements of Marxist Political and Economic Theory.
  2. Understand the Main Arguments of Some Historical and Contemporary Marxist Thinkers.
  3. Understand the Relevance of Marxism in Analyzing Political and Social Conditions, Conflicts, or Problems.

 Purpose of this Assessment

Throughout this competency, you have learned about Marxism.  The purpose of this summative assessment is for you to demonstrate your ability to apply this knowledge by analyzing two contemporary political and social conditions, conflicts, or problems using Marxist concepts.  Possible topics for analysis may include, but are not limited to:  minimum wage, right to work laws, healthcare, global warming or other environmental issues.

The project will have two components that will be combined together to create one project.  These include: (1) a summary of three contemporary political and social conditions, conflicts, or problems, and (2) an analysis of two of those topics using Marxist concepts.

Step 1: Items Required for Submission

  • A 1500 word essay that includes the following:
  • A summary of three contemporary issues.

An analysis of two of those issues using Marxist concepts.

Step 2: Complete Checklist for Submission Before you submit, check to see if you believe you have met the criteria noted below. Did you….

  • Clearly explain and provide rationale for your viewpoint?
  • Write logically with accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation?
  • Adhere to the length requirements?
  • Follow APA formatting and referencing standards?
  • Convert all files to a doc, docx, ppt or pptx file.

Step 3: Submit your Work

  • Your completed final assessment documents should be submitted through the Final Assessment page of your
  • Please note, for files smaller than 10MB (i.e., most Word documents), use the corresponding “+UPLOAD STUDENT FILE” button to upload your final assessment assignments. For larger files of any type (i.e., voice-over PowerPoint files, videos, or image-heavy documents), please use the optional TEXT EDITOR to provide a URL where your grader can download your file.
  • Make sure the files are converted to a doc, docx, ppt, pptx file.
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