For the final paper: you will write a paper between 3 and 5 pages, due by midnight (dropbox will
close at 11:59pm!) Dec. 13 on iCollege (double spaced, regular margins, 12 point font with a
single spaced header that includes your name, the class time/day, and the date). You will include
a summary of the material you covered in your presentation (biographic sketch and historical
context). You will also spend some time discussing the research that you did including the
following questions:What sort of sources (primary and secondary) did you find and where did you
find them? Was it difficult to find them or was it easy? Was there a gap between when they lived
and when historians or other scholars began to write about the individual? What do you think that
tells us about the individual in question, in terms of how well remembered they are in history and
when they began to be remembered? Then, tell me why you settled on that figure in the first
place and if what you found out about them was what you expected or if you weresurprised by
the fruits of your research? Lastly, include a bibliography (which is NOT included in the final page
count of your paper – shortest paper will now be 3 pages plus bibliography) with your sources.

You are welcome to use whatever bibliographic format you’re comfortable with as long as it
includes all your sources and is divided into two sections – your primary sources and secondary
sources, which you should have two each at least. For any quotes in the paper, you are welcome
to use either footnotes or to use parenthetical citations (last name of the source and page
number, if applicable after final sentence punctuation), just make sure to cite all sources that you
Book:Ways of the World A Brief Global History by Robert W. Strayer