Brand Critique

You will apply your knowledge of branding theory, model and concepts and critique to critique how a brand is managed. You will then make recommendations for improvement. More specifically, you will justify whether the brand is well managed or not well managed and offers suggestions for improvement. You may choose any brand. Students can choose any brand they wish to critique either at product, service or corporate level. You will argue your case on the basis of brand equity. For example, you may wish to address the brand knowledge building blocks such as awareness, image, etc. in the critique. In making recommendations for improvement of the brand, a set of ‘actionable’ recommendations to further leverage or improve the equity of the brand should be made. This could involve brand extensions, brand repositioning or strengthening of the brand. The analysis should be 2000 words longIn regards to the word count, the maximum word count is 2000 words which includes the in text references. The word count does not include the executive summary and the reference list.

The executive summary should highlight the main aspects of the report and is generally a page long.

Also please specify very clearly what brand and product you are examining and state that in the introduction section.

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