Bridge Maintenance System

Bridge Maintenance System

The research proposal should contain the following information. Please find the academic phrase bank in the attachment. It will help you in your writing.Introduction
Literature review
Aims of the research project
Design and methodology
Research significance
Research questions or problem statements

The introduction typically explains the background of the study, the applications of the study, and the benefits of the study. (15 lines, one or two paragraphs, use the figure to explain, do not copy the figures or photographs from the internet).


A literature review will discuss the previous research. We are reading one article every day. We should have at least 25 articles so far. Please discuss what has been found in your field. Please read the articles in which you can find how other researchers discuss the literature review.


The aims of the research project should give you a dot-point version of the aims of the study.


Design and methodology: Which method do you use in your projects? (Experimental study, numerical study(software), analytical study (computer code and manual calculations, excel, etc), and design).


Resources: What resources do you need to complete the project?


Research significance: From the literature review, do you know what has been studied? You can identify the knowledge gap (what is not found yet)? You can show that your project will fill this knowledge gap. (We need typically 10-15 lines paragraph).


Research questions or problem statements: which questions do we solve? (10 -15 lines)


Timeline: Breakdown of the task. The table format is better. Please see the attached proposal.


Conclusions: Please summarise everything in one paragraph.


References: Please provide at least 25 references.

**Make sure to go through different case studies for my report**

Please question yourself before starting the report:
1. What is the gap in the knowledge/big unsolved question you are trying to address?
2. Why this question/area of science is importance (significance) – this can include both fundamental and applied reasons.
3.How is it currently being addressed/has been addressed and why is this inadequate?
What your new and innovative approach is and why only your team can do it (capability). Include aims here.
4. Who will benefit/why should anyone care?


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