Budget and commercial Management

Budget and commercial management

Discussion about establishment and development of buyer/supplier relation in an increasingly sophisticated
and competitive commercial environment.
1) Simple introduction showing what will be discussed in the report.
2) Body including:
1- current business trends of buyer/supplier relations (link it to Covid-19 circumstance, difficulties and problems
faced by buyer/supplier during the pandemic )
2- future business trends of buyer/supplier relations (to be flexible and adopt solutions like “automation,
digitalization, online inventory management …etc..”)
3- critical review on contracting/tendering framework. (also explain the process)
4- main aspects of negotiation process in an industry sectors.
5- necessary requirements for offering funding for projects
a- projects in general (explain what is preparing ITT, Financial life-cycle, explain PPP contract)
b- focusing in SPVs (explain what is SPV : formation, registration, pros, cons, how its works?, and risk
allocation | and explain the tendering/contracting process based on SPVs)
3) conclusion (summary of the work)
4) referencing (should be APA 7, Academic articles, PMBoK, and Project management e-books)
NOTE: the ratio for academic articles and PMBoK over e-books is 75:25, which explains 9 are from academic
articles and only 3 e-books are allowed.
Preferred language style Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

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