Business Dashboards

To prepare for this Assignment, pay particular attention to the following learning resources

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:
    • Schwabish, J. A. (2014). An economist’s guide to visualizing data. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 28(1), 209–234. doi:10.1257/jep.28.1.209
    • Ghazisaeidi, M., Safdari, R., Torabi, M., Mirzaee, M., Farzi, J., & Goodini, A. (2015). Development of performance dashboards in healthcare sector: Key practical issues. Acta Informatica Medica23(5), 317–321. doi:10.5455/aim.2015.23.317-321
    • Bremser, W. G., & Wagner, W. P. (2013). Developing dashboards for performance management. The CPA Journal, 83(7), 62–67. Retrieved from
    • Few, S. (2008). With dashboards formatting and layout definitely matter [White paper]. Retrieved from
    • “Case Study” document

To complete the Assignment, compose a cohesive document that addresses the following:

  • Determine which metrics are the most important and evaluate how the information can most effectively be communicated.
  • Outline recommendations for additional data that might have been useful in making your decisions.
  • Evaluate the current dashboard and address the following:
    • Outline the problems with the current dashboard.
    • Outline your recommendations for a more effective dashboard.
    • Assess why your dashboard would help facilitate the decisions you made in determining the most important metrics and outlining recommendations.


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