California Bill SB 3 – $15 Minimum Wage Increase Is Bad for Businesses and Local Farmers

This paper will argue against SB3 $15 minimum wage increase in California, and thesis should
include how it will hurt businesses and smaller local farm owners in the state. Maybe include
things like job loss, need for automation, rise of prices for consumers, etc..
Here are a few sources to use and site in APA format—> In addition to those feel free to use
others that might help with the paper.
Jacobs, K., & Perry, I. E. (2018, December 5). $15 Minimum Wage in California: Who Would be
Affected by the Proposal to Raise California’s Minimum Wage?. Retrieved from

Even, W. E., Glos, R. E., Macpherson, D. A., & Stevens, E. M. (2018, February). How Will a $15
Minimum Wage Affect Employment in California? Retrieved from
(ONLY US IT IF YOU HAVE TO. Try to stay away from this source as much or if possible,
especially the percentages in this source, since I have used this source in a previous similar
essay sent to If you can find a different better academic credited source than this
one that would be better, since this paper has to be all “original”. I’d prefer not to use this at all if
we can.
MORE INSTRUCTIONSYou are writing a 6 page persuasive, evidence-based, academic essay to an audience of your
peers. That essay must support a specific and arguable thesis on an agricultural issue of your
This kind of essay will include an introduction that provides both context for the thesis
statement(s), and the thesis statement(s) itself.

It will include multiple body paragraphs, each of which is guided by a topic sentence that both
serves as that paragraph’s claim and connects that claim back to the thesis statement(s).
Using evidence derived from your sources, each body paragraph will support its topic sentence’s
Body paragraphs are also the place to engage in rhetorical devices such as counter-arguments.
Such devices are designed to further convince your audience to accept your thesis statement(s).
Your essay will also include a conclusion that both recapitulates your argument and provokes
your audience to do something with their new knowledge via a call to action, or provocative
questions, or suggested lines of further inquiry.
Sources NOT TO BE USED listed below—> because I’ve previously used them in other papers
Cooper, K., & Stewart, K. (2013). Does money affect children’s outcomes?. Retrieved 27 October
2019, from outcomes-full.pdf
Leigh, J., & Du, J. (2012). Are low wages risk factors for hypertension?. The European Journal
Of Public Health, 22(6), 854-859. doi: 10.1093/eurpub/ckr204
Neumark, D. (2015). The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment [Ebook]. Federal Reserve
Bank of San Francisco. Retrieved from

Plaven, G. (2018). As minimum wage increases, farmers look to adapt. Retrieved 27 October
2019, from
Reich, M., Allegretto, S., & Montialoux, C. (2017). Effects of a $15 Minimum Wage in California
and Fresno [Ebook]. Berkeley: University of California. Retrieved from
(like I said, do your best to stay away from this one, if possible find a different similar type of
academic credited source.)
Saltsman, M. (2017). Why The $15 Minimum Wage Will Cost California 400,000 Jobs. Retrieved
27 October 2019, from

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