Career Development Plan Part III— Performance and Career Management.

Career Development Plan Part III— Performance and Career Management.

HRM 531

University of Phoenix

The company is moving forward with the implementation of its concept of full-service cleaning solutions packages for organizations and clients in the health care industry. After the merger, I completed the job analysis and selection of my Sales team and also developed training and mentoring program. In continued compliance with the directives of the organization, I will create a performance and career management program for the sales team. A career management plan is critical to employee growth and development and will assist in providing an understanding of current performance levels, individually and as a team. It will also aid in improvements in work habits to maximize job accomplishments. Performance management requires a willingness and commitment to focus on improving efficiency in performance.

A positive and constructive feedback is the key when supporting an employee desire to perform well. Feedback is given in regard to client transaction experiences to provide a measurement of employees’ performances against standards set through the job analysis and organizational goals. By creating an appraisal form for each employee allows me to “observe the player’s performance, make an appraisal of it, and then provide real –time feedback to build sound habits and eliminate unsound ones.”(Cascio, 2005)

For the employees to reach a higher level of performance timeframe should be specified and goals should be observable and measurable. Simply asking a sales team member to increase customer satisfaction is not enough, but how to increase this satisfaction should also be stated or explained. One reason for an appraisal is to improve performance level, so I will determine the employee’s strength and weaknesses and also reinforce on existing behaviors that are deemed to be strong.

Rapidly changing job skill requirements and a shortage of new entrants force employers to regularly offer education and training program. I will sit down with each Sales team member and design IDPs that will assist them to reach desirable goals, assess their particular strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate plan progress at InterClean. Promotional opportunities will be given to those who continue to exceed their sales goals, and meet with exceeding Performance Appraisals. Tuition reimbursement plan for those who attend school, college, or university criteria to participate is to meet all requirements stipulated by the company and different departments. Training for the Sales team is mandatory to enhance their sales skills. These mandatory training will ensure they stay current with sales forecast and policy as well broaden their knowledge on new industry standards. These trainings will be a combination of Computer Based Training (CBT) and classroom training sessions.

In recent years, the number of dual career partners has increased substantially and is often a critical component to the hiring employees, or in our case a merger. As a manager, I am aware of the importance of being supportive of dual-career families. The opportunity of having a flexible schedule for the sales team will be an added advantage for those with families given the opportunity to flexibly schedule their hours. Additionally, they will be given the opportunity to work from home on a part-time basis. The organization itself is looking into the possibility of opening an on-site daycare that would be made available to the sales team.

The Sale team is made up of a very diverse set of employees. The team consists of Hispanic, African American, Asian, and Caucasian, the team is also made up of both males and females. The age groups of the employees includes: early career (25 to 35), mid-career (35 to 55) and late career (55 and older). Management and each team member will receive cultural diversity training. Mentors are assigned to the early career twenties to thirties employees. They are placed in career advancement paths. The mid-career employees are given increased responsibility within the team. Also employees in the mid-career and late-career groups are encouraged to develop and increase his or her knowledge of technology. The mid-career and late-career employees act as mentors.

The process of appraising, rating and feedback allows for clear and concrete goal setting. The cost of the process and employee offerings far outweighs the cost of doing a mediocre job of employee development and career planning. With concise goals and managers that assist in employee development a strong workforce is being developed within InterClean. There are many benefits to assisting the Sales team with their career plans. We have a workforce that is staying with the company for longer period of times, more knowledgeable about many departments within the company and more loyal. We have workers that are telecommuting, getting more work done at home than at the office.

There are also many costs that are avoided with having a stronger workforce. These costs are associated with the lack of employee development and career planning. Employee retention and turnover is one of the largest costs to a company. In an industry average we see that employee turnover has a great impact. “These calculations will easily reach 150% of the employee’s annual compensation figure. The cost will be significantly higher (200% to 250% of annual compensation) for managerial and sales positions.” (Bliss, May) Retraining employees to work in another department allows them to share and expand their knowledge and eventually make for a stronger company. “While it is true those sales and other financial statistics determine the success of a company, what most people overlook is the fact that employees are among the most important determinants of the success of a company.” (Icles, Apri).


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