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Career Exploration Paper

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It is a reality that every person desires to pursue a certain career after graduating. In my overall life, I have learnt and experienced many things in and out of the classroom. Some of them have assisted me in deciding what career I want to pursue when I graduate. My desire has always been a career that gives back to the community. For me, anticipating being a social worker is a worthy goal. It has got several benefits that make it a fantastic career. There are numerous opportunities to play in being a social worker. I am drawn to be a social worker because I want to make a difference in people’s life. One thing about me is that I am usually concerned for the welfares of others; hence I can go a long way with being a social worker. My interest in social work comes from the love of volunteering that I have ever since I was young, whereby I usually expressed great enthusiasm for school and church events. As I continued growing, I started volunteering for numerous other community events, such as aiding with free cancer screenings and serving over 100 hours at a local clinic. I feel that the potential career path that I would like to take after graduating will be a social worker. 

Things that my Dream Career entails

Being a social worker usually is a rewarding and challenging profession. It entails helping people, families, and groups of individuals to deal with the issues they go through to better their lives. One feature of this is developing mechanisms and teaching skills for patients to depend on to improve their experiences and lives. I will be responsible for aiding individuals cope with difficulties in every stage of their lives when I become a social worker. It entails helping with an extensive range of situations, such as being diagnosed with a terminal illness or adopting a child. Social workers work with a lot of populations, including individuals with disabilities, children, and individuals with addictions (Ricciardelli et al., 2020). For the reason that everything matters, social work entails helping those who need it most. Every person, including those with tough or challenging situations, deserves to live a gratifying life and to have someone by their side ready to stand with them. Being a social worker involves feeling that role and making a difference on multiple levels.  

Social work is a career that supports social change and problem-solving in human relationships and the liberation and empowerment of individuals to promote wellbeing. By utilizing the theories of social systems and human behavior, social work intervenes at the instance where individuals interact with their environments (Chenoweth & McAuliffe, 2017). The principles of social justice and human rights are essential to social work. This career that I desire is organized as a professional career with a sustainable universal knowledge, value, and expertise foundation. Social workers normally give advice, resources, and support to people and families and aid them in several difficulties (Mapp et al., 2019). I must therefore adopt a holistic approach when I become a social worker. It signifies fully understand and be aware of the probable individual or family’s whole history and situation. In the field of social work, there are a number of specializations and industries that I can possibly pursue and focus on. In all these fields, having flexibility, empathy, and persistence is essential. Social workers are usually required to assist in problems triggered by low-income family circumstances, trauma, disability, terminal illnesses, and drug abuse.

Reasons why I think this career is fit for me

I am fully confident that social work is my ideal career, and it best fits me. One thing is that I possess great communication skills, which are essential in being a social worker. I also enjoy working with individuals, I am stress-resistant, and I am passionate about human rights. It is a fit for me because it will allow me to appreciate the best in life and give me a chance to work in various settings and towards multidimensional collaborative change. By working in this field, I will be able to advocate, avoid fallacies, empower, motivate, and encourage resilience. I am fit for this career because I have the ability to help individuals and give them the most accurate and updated information to help them overcome the obstacles in their way and make a difference in their life. 

The Role of Communication in Playing an Integral Role in Being Successful in this Career

Effective communication is one of the most crucial components of a social worker’s career. Each day, social workers must communicate with clients in order to get information, make significant decisions, or convey critical information. Effective communication is essential to enable social workers to obtain or convey particular details and avoid clients’ detrimental effects (Chenoweth & McAuliffe, 2017). Communication helps build a relationship between the social worker and the client. As a social worker, the availability of good communication helps to pass information between other professionals and the client. Communication lies at the heart of social work practice. It assists in understanding people better hence removing misunderstandings and creating clarity of expression and thought. Communication in social working an essential management function closely connected with all other managerial functions.   


Being a social worker is my ideal career after graduating. I consider this dream of being a social worker as an inspiration. Just like other students, I have a dream that I desire to pursue after graduating from school. It’s good to be a social worker since they help people to cope with their lives. They also aid in a broad range of circumstances. Advocacy is a significant aspect of social work. Being a social worker is my potential career path.    


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