Career Objectives

Career Objectives

After earning my MBA, my dream job is to become a marketing executive. During my undergraduate studies, I interned in the marketing department of an advertising company, and the experience inspired me to become a marketing executive. The main reason why I want to pursue this career goal is that it involves a lot of creativity and innovation. I want to explore my talents to the fullest and work with creative individuals to deliver the best services to customers. I want to develop innovative strategies for various customers to help them build their brands and expand their companies. Marketing involves public relations strategies to help companies grow their brands across different markets’ I also look forward to working in marketing as it is a dynamic field. The job involves different responsibilities in administration, creativity, analytics, and commercial aspects of the job.

Career fulfillment is one of my primary career goals, and I believe that working as a marketing executive will give me this. Today’s marketing world has become very competitive as companies have different avenues of promoting their products and services. Working with companies to ensure the success of their brands brings a lot of satisfaction. Using my skills to help companies succeed in satisfying their customers across target markets will encourage and motivate me. Improving my skills and experience is another career goal I plan to pursue over the next five years. To achieve this goal, I plan to enroll in short courses on digital marketing to harness the digital space, which has become an integral part of marketing. I want to gain new experience by working with innovative brands and companies offering solutions to current problems such as climate change through sustainable and renewable products and services. I want to engage in meaningful work that makes a difference in the world, not just to earn money but to leave a mark.

Why CAU?

CAU is known for its social justice awareness, which is one of the main reasons I want to earn an MBA from the school. I believe that education should work to improve the world overall. There are so many problems that need solutions, such as climate change, racial injustice, inequality in income, education, employment, and environmental sustainability. I believe that CAU pays particular emphasis on education for world solutions. I want to use my educational skills to contribute to these solutions. The school also focuses on training future leaders, something that I want to pursue in the future. Leadership skills create leaders who can lead others in the right direction.

Academically, CAU has a well-recognized MBA program for over seventy years. The program had qualified faculty and staff who have trained thousands of students over the years; therefore, I know I will get quality education from skilled staff. The department also prides itself on a practical program tailored to market needs. As a person who intends to work in marketing in the future, I know that the program will equip me with the skills I need in the fast-changing job market. An MBA provides me with many opportunities for future careers. The MBA offers a wide range of skills valuable in various career fields. It gives me many options of which career to pursue in the future. An MBA also equips one with management skills, critical for me as I plan to pursue a leadership position as a marketing executive in the future. Skills acquired in an MBA, such as budgeting and planning, are essential in this position. Additionally, an MBA will give me an advantage in negotiating for a good salary. All these reasons make a compelling case for an MBA from CAU.

Team Failure

Failure is an integral part of growth, and I take every opportunity to learn from failure rather than regretting it. As part of my work, I have encountered several situations that resulted in failure, all of which have become a part of learning. One particular instance stands out in my mind. A few years ago, I was working with a major brand, and I was excited for the chance to deliver good results. It was a well-established company launching a new line of products. I knew this was an excellent opportunity for me to prove myself and possibly negotiate a promotion and pay raise. I was put in charge of the campaign team for the new products. Team members all pitched their ideas, and we settled on one. I worked closely with the person who came up with the idea to perfect it. However, I overlooked some other essential aspects of teamwork.

A week before the launch, the campaign was supposed to be ready. However, I felt like the team was not doing their best as we were about to get to the deadline, yet some work was still not finished. I knew that well the team members were highly motivated and hardworking individuals. I decided to talk to one of my colleagues who I knew would be honest with me. She explained that the rest of the team felt left out as I spent most of the time with one team member. The rest felt like their hard work was unnoticed just because their ideas had not been chosen for the campaign. They were willing to work as a team but not as supporting characters in the project. I realized that I had missed the mark as a team leader. It was my job to motivate and inspire my team to do their best, and I neglected this. I needed every member to do their best for the project to succeed. Later that evening, I called a meeting and addressed their concerns. I asked each person how they could best contribute to the project. Within a day, the campaign was complete, and the launch was a success. The team project taught me a critical lesson in leadership.

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