Catholic Church and Work in Relationship to the Worker.


(a) How does the Catholic Church describe work in relationship to the worker. In order words, what does work do for the worker?

(b) Where and how are workers violated today in businesses?

(c) What needs to be done to have a dignity of work?



1. Paper must be double-spaced, 12 point, Times Roman font, and one-inch margins. Please number your pages. At the top of the first page, please put your name, then following your name put the number of the topic you have chosen in parenthesis, ex., James Clark (2). Please do not write out the question. Paper must be 4 full pages.

2. Any quotes or paraphrasing of an author must be acknowledged with supporting documentation. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism, and your paper will receive a “0” grade.

3. Please be sure you include a bibliography, which must be on a separate page and is not one of your 4 pages. Your bibliography should be page 5. Bibliography should be properly formatted, or credit will be deducted. Please consult the manuals for proper format of term papers (MLA, Turabian Term Paper Style Book, or Chicago Manual Style). Credit will be deducted for improper format.

4. Since this is a short paper, you may acknowledge your sources within the paragraph. For example, if you quote someone such as Karl Rahner, after your quote you would put (Rahner 59) – 59 stands for the page number. I will know from your bibliography the book associated with Rahner. However, if you wish to use footnotes, you may do so, but be sure they are formatted properly. See the various manuals mentioned in #3.

5. Correct spelling, good sentence structure, comprehension, and coherency will be part of your grade.

6. Please do not give me a paper full of quotes. Yes, you need to document your statements with supporting evidence. But this is only a 4-page report. I want to hear your ideas, your critical thinking, which are all your own words. Also, for this length paper, I should not see any more than four sources.

Your textbook may be used as one of the sources. However, I must see more than your textbook as a bibliography. Also, your sources should be scholarly books (besides your own course book) or/and journals, not all web sites. Only one web site may be used. If I do not see scholarly sources, then credit will be deducted. Please do not give me a page full of bibliographic data. You record only what you use. Credit will be deducted if your bibliography does not meet the requirements as stated above.

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