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Investigate an organizational gap or issue where you work, or have previously worked, to identifya problem or new opportunity that that can be addressed through an informatics solution. Basedon your findings, write a 750-850 word paper that defines the problem or opportunity andexplains how it can be addressed through an informatics solution.Meet with your mentor and any appropriate stakeholders to review your problem statement.Ensure the problem or opportunity is accurately identified and the proposed solution isappropriate for the organization in meeting a business need.

Include the following:Discuss the issue or gap identified during your investigation and explain what business need isnot being met.Describe the departments directly affected and discuss the impact the issue or gap has on them.Discuss any additional consequences of the issue or gap for organizational performance, otherstakeholders, budget, etc.Propose a clinical, technological, or process-related solution that can be implemented to addressthe identified issue or gap. Explain how the proposed solution addresses the issue or gap for thedepartments and how it fulfills the specified business need.Describe how the proposed informatics solution supports the organization’s objectives andoverall strategy and operations.Outline the goals and objectives for the proposed informatics solution. Explain how these alignwith departmental and organizational goals.Create a problem statement that can be used to provide a snapshot of the issue or gap and theproposed solution. Include the following: (a) explanation of the problem, (b) description of whoand what is affected by the problem, (c) the impact or consequence of the problem, and (d) theproposed solution.You are required to cite a minimum of three sources to complete this assignment. Sources mustbe published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and health careand health informatics content

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