Clarity of the Class Readings on Social Situation in America




Clarity of the Class Readings on Social Situation in America

Social inequalities will always exist in America as long as we have different social classes that is the working class, the middle class and the low class. People rarely talk about the existence of social classes in the U.S but thy exist and are seen through actions of discrimination, racism and corruption. From the three reading in the class there is a lot of impact about social trends in America that I have concluded, ranging from facts which I did not understand and realities that we experience daily. From the three readings, ‘The Virtue of Prosperity’, ‘Class in America…’ and ‘The Myth of equal Opportunity’ have really impacted on my view about social issues in America.

Spiritual and social crisis have been impacted negatively with technology from the past ten years. The age of unprecedented prosperity makes many people in the U.S more successful than they could ever imagine. The advancing technologies give us the ability to communicate to a wide range of people and it is through this we get the chances to embrace power since technologies create capitalism and wealth. Currently the people in the U.S are utilising technologies for negative purposes where techno capitalism brings inequalities, watching the videos destroy the cherished values in the society and through technologies families and communities are undermined. Technology brings a lot of changes to the economy but people are still left with unanswered questions on how the web developers make a huge amount of money that even a small country cannot (Dinesh D’Souza. Pg. 23). If we use technology and other inventions rightfully we will achieve the American dream of prosperity.

From the readings I can say that poverty is a state that can be passed from generation to generation whereby once your parents are born poor there is a high possibility of being poor or one class ahead of theirs. If one is born I a family that is doing well there is a high chance of getting better foundation in terms of education and when growing up there is a wide range of opportunities unlike those born from low class (Gregory Mantisios. Pg.8). Through the readings it has been made clear to me about he understanding of the power of a social class where the rich have more changes of getting rich and the poor can remain poor unless they struggle hard. The haves and the have-nots exist in the American society it is just that we tend to ignore this part and claim we are all equal.

The idea that people always work for low wages in bad poor working environments is something that will go on since the rich will continue to exploit the poor who are always desperate to make a living. We all have different opportunities and nobody should lie that there is fairness in our offices, schools and commercial stores. People are given opportunities according to their race, social class and who they are related to in the society. The readings clarify that equal opportunities is a saying that is used to make the Americans feel included in everything but when it comes to actions there is bias (Adrian Hemans. Pg.6). The condition of the low and the middle class can be improved if more donations and organisations come together to support the ideas of people from these classes. The people with talents and initiatives can be helped with money and loans from the banks and government to help them achieve their dreams. If we stay true to our virtues and treat everyone equal the American dream of prosperity can be achieved.


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