Clinical mental health internship (2)

Clinical mental health internship

Internships are part and parcel of the learning program, and one can fully understand what is meant by being in the field for what they are studying for. I am taking Clinical mental health, and an internship comes along as an essential aspect of my career. Therefore, the internship focusing on what will be learned and its benefits will add to my job. Thus with this in mind St. Luke’s Behavioural Health center would be an appropriate place to have my internship. Intermountain Centers Flagstaff, AZ, would also be very reasonable for my internship.

The two centers focus on making sure that the mental health of their patients is well looked after. The two centers are also well known for their excellent quality care and the ability for interns to learn from them perfectly. The two centers are also strict in following all the states’ requirements about practicum and internship (Behavioral Consultation Services, n.d.). With the experience obtained from these two institutions, I hope to work with one of them in the future. However, even if not so, I will be one of the best in the field due to the experience I will get from the internship.


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