Combined Research Paper Draft

Combined Research Paper Draft

The difficulty Paper

Gee talks about secondary discourse, where he defines it as the process where an individual acquires other skills in order to fit into a given group of people. He describes that we all have the primary discourse which we gain at our early childhood days while still at home. Mostly these primary discourses are dependent on the family members. These family members are the one who teaches us how to interact with the immediate environment we live in at that early stage in life. The most confusing part about Gee under his article is that he does not articulate how we need to gain these secondary discourses. We are also not in a position to clearly explain or identify these secondary discourses.

     Does associating a lot with other people improve our secondary discourse? Since secondary discourse is acquired from the as meet new people, it is true to conclude that our company and the time we spend we other people improve the way they perceive the world at large. For instance, Gee gives as a detailed example of how certain had to learn more skills and techniques on how to play softball. She was huge hence not fit to play the game at a competitive level. Her case was very simple; she was only supposed to gain confidence in order to help her be included in the team. Her interaction with friends helped her gain this confidence.

     Our company affects the way we associate or view the world in general. Like the say goes, ‘Birds of same feathers fly together.’ We tend to copy and adopt some behaviors and characters from those surrounding us. However, our primary discourse determines how we will approach the secondary discourse. Having an excellent primary discourse will attract the right kind of people in some one’s life. People will be pulled by the way we behavior them, and hence our primary discourse determines the type of people we would attract.

     Personally, I think the secondary discourse also attracts a certain character in the primary discourse. A group of persons that might be having the best secondary discourse are likely to attract new members whom they feel van blend in with their characters and mode of doing things. It is; therefore, true to suggest that secondary discourse and primary discourse are closely related.

     People tend to join groups that can benefit them, and again, any group would also recruit member whom they think they can help them in progressing positively. Having deeply analyses both primary and secondary discourse it is, therefore, clear to conclude that in order for one to clearly understand one of these aspects, they need to be well aware of the both of them i.e., having an explicit knowledge on primary discourse would help in understanding more about the secondary discourse.

Research Proposal

The context of the Research The aboriginals in Australia are considered as some of the indigenous people in thecountry. The population of the Aboriginals is present both in the mainland and the numerousislands such as Tasmania, Fraser, and Groote. Even though the name is considered offensive andoutdated, it is still used in various contexts, including academic works. As it stands, thecommunity of aboriginals is considered to be faced with several social issues. Among the mostprofound and observable challenges facing the population is a massive consumption of alcoholas well as drug abuse. The most worrying trend about the community is the tendency of illiteracycharacterized by significant school dropouts and failure to attain the educational qualifications bya number of them. Thus, the research context is on the Aboriginals and the social challenges mostof their people undergo in their everyday activities and operations.

Participants and SiteThe participants in this research are the Aboriginals in Queensland. According to mydesktop research, I established that approximately 68% of the aboriginal tribes live inQueensland, Victoria, and New South Wales. Thus, I settled in Queensland as it has the people intheir large numbers. In the year 2016, the total number of Aboriginals in Queensland was 26,553.However, for the case of my study, the population targeted will be 50 people, though spreadacross the town. The people of interest in my group are the ones with addiction problems andhigh alcohol consumption. Finding them will call that I visit the drinking joints and somebackstreets within their residences. Before accessing the place, I will seek permission from theauthorities and ask for the guide from the community members, preferably the elders. 

Plan for data collection and analysis The process of data collection will take the primary methods of information acquisition.There will be an observation of the group of interest and the interview. The process willcommence through the performance of surveillance in which the survey will be done to thepeople within the drinking joints. The method of the study will take two days, preferablyweekends. Note-taking strategy for the data collection process is the outline in which there isanticipation that the notes are easy to read. Interviews are included in the data collection processin which the 50 selected people within the group are taken through the interview process. Thechoice of what to include in the interview included the frequency of alcohol consumption andwhether the interviewee is currently abusing the drug. The thread which will be followed in thiscase is IMRAD entailing introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. The thread presentedherein is informed by the fact that I want the research to be professional and easy to follow aswell as the logical flow of information       


Even though this research will be marked with the highest level of fairness andprofessionalism, some aspects might intersect the data with my perspective. Sincerely, myattitude and view will be informed by elements of history in which the indigenous people arejudged. Even though I am mindful of the fact that people are biased in judging or perceiving theindigenous aboriginals, it is precise that the same is not likely to form part of the activity of datacollection and research as a whole. In case I infer that whatever I read about the people is nothappening in reality, I will apply the utmost professionalism in ensuring that I note what I observed and generated the data as I said them in the interview document. I believe that my position will be informed with the reality and facts as well as finding within the area of study.

The Research of Blog


In various countries with racial diversity, there is a likelihood that the issue of color is likely to emerge in social settings such as schools and even in the working places. Through the analysis of the article entitled Narrative Analysis of Students’ of Color Experiences at Predominantly White Institutions and the Implications of Support Systems by Stephanie Blake, there is an insight developed to the readers, particularly the popular audience on their opinion regarding racism in the learning institutions. Through the use of Jarrett’s article in the styles of reading, the point, in this case, is to make the audience understand the view of the item on the students of color. 

Analysis of the Research

From the study, it is precise that students of color perceive themselves as minorities who need family and peer support in conforming to the white-dominated schools. The article gives an appropriate response to the question posed by the topic of how the students of color interact with the institution dominated by the whites. Precisely, the students of color cannot conform adequately to the school environment. Thus, they need support from the people who are close to them. Hunter (2016) posits that discrimination in learning institutions in the United States affects the educational performance of African American and Latina students. There are recommendations for the institutions to create more cultural awareness for both the students of color and the white students in the learning institutions to ensure harmony and positive coexistence. Thus, the school orientation should be more intentional in fostering the creation of interactive space for more peaceful operations of both parties. 

As a matter of analysis, it is summarized explicitly that there is a negative perception of the white-dominated schools by the students of color as compared to the former. As can be noted from the analysis, the idea of race has preoccupied the mind, and psychological make up the students in such setups that it is putting them to the state of vulnerability. On the side of students of color, there is created the idea of an inferiority complex when they compare themselves with their white counterparts. It turns out that their perceptions are likely to develop the pitfalls for their learning. On the contrary, the students of the white descents perceive the schools as Better Avenue for education. However, some are not comfortable with the people of color sharing with them social facilities. Nevertheless, it should be realized that the aspects of racial discrimination are the orientation of the individual student.   

Lessons Drawn from the Article

The white-dominated learning institutions have been blamed by the students of color as a result of their experiences in such institutions. The idea of separating students in line with their academic ability is considered one of the factors promoting racial segregation, particularly by African American students. There are claims by the students of color that their skin color prevents them from leading (Modica, 2015). When the statement on racial impediments is connected to the article under review in this discussion, it emerges that most of the students of color perceive the white-dominated schools as more segregated and are responsible for their failures to attain excellence in their school endeavors. A lesson learned from the article is that there is more evidence to ascertain that students of color perceive the school dominated with their white counterparts as an impediment to their success and excellence in all school-related activities. 

Objectives of Writing this Discussion 

The goal of writing an analysis of this article is to develop an insight and understanding of various student factions in the United States and how the racial perceptions paly in the school setups. In essence, there is the point of creating awareness that the issue of racial discrimination is a challenge and that it is likely to affect the operations of students not only of color but even of the white descents. As noted in this case, there are students of color who are not feeling comfortable in the white-dominated school to the extent that they need the help of their closest associates to conform to the settings of the learning environment. From the various reviews connected to the presentations and articles presented, there is realized the negativity some students of color have developed in the school dominated by the white students. Some believe that through the segregation of students according to their academic abilities, they are not likely to excel in their academic endeavors. Therefore, it can be concluded that through the views of the students of color, it is realized there is poor development of the same

Fieldwork Report


There were interview exercises conducted in which the people of Maori were asked about how they perceive visitors in their ceremonies. From the study carried out, there was a lot of information gathered in terms of the practices carried out among the people in my case. The population in consideration for the study was the people of Maori. The main point of attention was on how they perceive the visitors in their communities. In particular, there was concern about how visitors are treated in this community. From the observation, it was realized that the people of Maori are more involved in ceremonies in which they welcome visitors through songs and ceremonial dances. As could be achieved, people welcome visitors with threatening incarnations to test their brevity. Upon confirming the brevity of the visitor, there is the point in which they give the visitor seat to take part in their traditional ceremonies.  


From the interviews conducted, it was learned that the majority of Maori people are welcoming to visitors in their ceremonies. Specifically, from the presentation data, it was clear that approximately 70% of the entire population interviewed. However, about 20% stated that they were not comfortable with the visitors as they are not trustworthy. Approximately 10% of the people reported that they are not sure of whether they are welcoming to the visitors or not. In giving the reason for the perception of the visitors, the main reason for the 20% decline the issue of visitors; they pointed untrustworthiness as the main reason for their decisions making process.   

Interpretation of data

In general conclusion, it can be asserted that the majority of the Maori people are welcoming. On the same note, it was clear that the people of the community value the issue of trust as the main reason for their choice of visitors. Also, there is the aspect of some people (10%) not giving their verdict about the visitors in which it can be interpreted that they value secrecy and confidentiality in treating strangers. It can be pointed out that the issue of the ceremony gives the best avenue to get observations about the Maori people and their perceptions about visitors. However, in getting a valid response, the interview must be conducted on individual members of the community in which they give their verdict without consideration to other factors like the judgment from other members of the community.       

Framing of discourse community

The idea of is discourse community is one of the most sorted after concept in explaining the shared values and beliefs about a given group of people in a particular community or a society in general. The existence and practices of Maori people is a clear definition of the discourse community at play. The people of Maori identify with the history of New Zealand as one of the indigenous inhabitants of the Oceania nation. The most striking feature of this community is their uniqueness, as observed in their culture and beliefs, which is derived from a distinct orientation. It becomes necessary that the people are looked at and studies in a comprehensive approach to extract the essential features of the community. As opposed to modern societies and communities, the people of Maori are more concerned with their abilities to conserve their traditional acquired communication skills and practices.    


From the studies conducted, and the findings obtained, the Maori people are welcoming to strangers. Even though the review was more inclined and confined to a specific function of the community, it can still be used to reflect on the general perspective of the community to strangers. From the literature review, it could be concluded that the people of the Maori descents are all welcoming and that it is challenging to find one who is not fully into the culture and activities of the community. 

However, from the study, it could be registered that there are people of the Maori descents who debunk the myth of the people being all welcoming. The statistical data presented in the findings section is a clear indication that the people, just like other societies in various parts of the world, embrace diversity in opinion. A close look at the situation reveals an exciting idea about the community in which there are known unique communication codes and acceptable ways of interaction, which is known only to the people of the Maori society. As stated, the community has its unique language, which they have kept dear ever since they were known to the people of the modern world. 

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