Communication Case Study (Reflective Writing)


This assessment requires you to analyse a communication incident in terms of the communication process.

You should describe a communication incident you experienced focusing on the communication behaviours of the parties.

This should be an incident which you think demonstrates ways of overcoming one or more communication barriers.
Write a short description of the incident and then analyse the reasons that this communication incident was successful/unsuccessful. Describe strategies you or the other/s involved in the communication incident used to overcome the barriers.

You MUST use the theoretical information from communication texts and journals to analyse the situation.

You should reference a minimum of 3 (three) texts in the assignment.

Ensure that you correctly reference the sources (use the Communication Skills Guide and Harvard Referencing Guide).
Have to use this source: Dwyer, J, Archee, R, Gurney, M, Mohan, T & Hamilton, C 2016, PROF
2000 Professional Practices II for University of Adelaide, 1stEdition, Cengage Learning, Melbourne.

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