Community and Public Health

Community and Public Health

For this discussion about “Community and Public Health”, take a look at the web site COVID-19 US Cases by County to an external site.

1. Check out the COVID-19 statistics in your your county by clicking the tab “By Region” on the top of the page. Look at the state overview and county data.

2. Find another COVID-19 reporting website.

3. Record data that will help you answer the discussion questions.

4. Find statistics on the rate of vaccinated and unvaccinated people in your community, state, and nation.

Discussion Questions:

1. You looked at 2 COVID-19 reporting systems. Why do you think these reporting systems are important to a community’s health?

2. How is the incidence of COVID-19 reported on each of the sites (what agency is doing the reporting). How many new positive cases are in your county, and how many vaccines have been administered?

3. What is your thought and/or opinion on how to eliminate this virus?

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