Conducting a Family Assessment

Conducting a Family Assessment

To complete this week’s assignment, you will need to use the Family Assessment Device (FAD), the Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales (FACES-III), the Self-Report Family Inventory (SFI), and Genogram models located in your weekly resources. You will complete each of the four measures with respect to your own family of origin. You may use your nuclear family (e.g., partner, children) or your family of origin (the family you grew up with). If using your family of origin, respond to each item as if you were at the age when you were still living with your family or origin. Alternatively, when possible, you might consider asking one of your siblings to also complete at least one of the measures. Once you have completed each of the assessments, use the scoring instructions to score the responses. Then, integrating the results from each of these assessments and relevant background information, you will write a systemic conceptualization, including the following sections (adapted from Gehart, 2018, p. 519): PLEASE FOLLOW THIS PART CAREFULLY

1. Background information:

a. Introduction to the Client and Significant Others: Including complete demographics of each individual.

b. Brief Description of Family System: Including family history, family structure, dominant family dynamics.

c. Brief Description of the Family Strengths and Diversity Resources and Limitations.

2. Assessments

a. Brief Description of Assessments: Include the purpose of each assessment and scoring and interpretation guidelines.

b. Brief Descriptions of the Results of each Assessment: Including specific scores or dominant themes and interpretation of the results.

3. Integrated systemic conceptualization:

a. Review the information across assessment results and background information. Notice patterns in family structure, communication, and cohesion.

b. Combine the background information and the results of the assessments and write an integrated systemic conceptualization.

Gehart, D. R. (2018). Mastering competencies in family therapy: A practical approach to theories and clinical case documentation. Cengage Learning.

Your paper should be 8-10 pages, written in standard paper formatting, using the sections heading listed above. Length: 8-10 pages References: Include a minimum of 7 scholarly resources.

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