Connecting Logistics and Financial Performance.

For this discussion, you will play the role of a logistics analyst who is creating a report on the
contributions of logistics activities to a company’s overall business performance.
Select any publicly traded company. Research this company’s website and relevant business
documentation to evaluate the company’s performance and profit models, such as inventory
turnover, return on assets, or other models that the company uses to measure its performance.
Possible sources of information include the company’s annual report, income statement, or other
financial documents that report the company’s revenues, expenses, and profits. These are usually published on the company’s Investor Relations page on their website. Additionally,
Ashford University Library’s MergentDatabase is an excellent source for business information. To
access the Mergent database:
Click on the “Find Articles & More” link in the purple banner at the top of the library home page.
Select “Databases by Subject.”
Choose “Business & Economics,” then click on “Mergent” on the following page.
Once in Mergent, enter the name of your company into the search box to get to the company
overview page. Note that the search might show you multiple options, so click on the specific
company you are searching for if a list is offered.
Select the “Company Financials” tab.
Identify two logistics-related activities the company utilizes to achieve its business goals. You
may select, for example, the company’s inventory management system, warehousing operations,
order management, transportation management, international logistics, or any other activities.
Your 200-250 word post must include the following:
Name the company that you chose and identify and describe the two logistics activities you
selected that support the company’s supply chain and business strategies.
Explain how the company uses the total cost approach to coordinate the selected logistics
activities in a cost-efficient manner.

Identify the tools and/or methods (as described in Chapter 4 of your textbook) that the company
uses to measure the quality of its logistics performance. Describe one tool/method, and briefly
explain what it measures and how it works.
Support your report with credible sources, citing from the company’s websites, business
publications or articles,

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