Correlation-Regression Activity

Correlation-Regression Activity

Summer Break

Summer Break is coming and it’s time to make your plans. Below is a list of possible destinations for your trip. Give the following information to assist in planning your trip and finding the information needed for this project.

  1. You are leaving from Chicago____________________
  2. Date of departure _9th July, 2020___It is flexible
  3. Date of return ___16th July, 2020__ It is flexible

You are to use the Internet to search for the lowest airfares from your town to the destination on the given dates and find the distance from your airport to that city.

  1. Complete the following table of information for your Summer Break adventure. The cost is for one person on a roundtrip ticket. A maximum of two stops in route is allowed, for both directions of the trip.


  1. The Airline names and Flight Numbers are NOT NECESSARY, you can put them for your own benefit.


List the Web sites that you use for your search:


                          2) Use Google….type ‘Chicago to Miami air distance’ and you will get the distance…2394 miles

AIRFARES :;; One; Google Flights, or a site preferred by YOU.





Round –Trip Distance


Airline Departing

flight number

Roundtrip cost


San Diego
San Juan
New York City
Salt Lake City






Santa Fe






Rio De Janerio


New Delhi




Little Rock


San Jose, Costa Rica


  1. Make a scatter plot of the distance versus cost. Use the distance as the independent variable on the horizontal axis. Make appropriate scales for the axes.



  1. Look at the scatterplot to answer the following: How is the cost of the trip associated with the distance of the trip?




  1. On a scale of 0 to 1, how good does the line fit the data? 0 = no fit and 1 = a perfect fit. Give your estimation of ‘r’.





  1. Find the value of the correlation coefficient (r) for the data. Compare it to the value of the correlation coefficient that you guessed. How close were you?





  1. Sketch the best-fit line on the scatterplot above by hand and compare it to the line that you got from the graph. Are they close?



  1. Enter the data for the distances and the costs on Minitab to find y = a + bx; the equation of the least-squares regression line.


  • Write the equation in terms of relationship between travel distance and ticket cost.  Are there any outliers?  What do they tell us?
  • Report the coefficient of determination (R-sq) value in terms of %.  Is it closer to 100%? 50%? 0%?  Based on the percentage value how much can you TRUST the PREDICTION of the future value.
  • By looking at the scatterplot and the regression line find a place that is a good buy for the miles traveled. Why do you think the airfare is below the expected value for this destination?
  • Talk about the LURKING VARIABLES that may be affecting the value of ‘r’.  What variables could affect the relationship between the COST and the DISTANCE?
  • Use the destination identified in question 13 and any information found in this project to write a persuasive essay (50-100 words) convincing your parents/spouse to let you go to your destination of choice for Summer Break.
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