Creating brand identity through vision mission and value statements

Creating brand identity through vision mission and value statements

Assignment Overview: For this assignment you will create a business to aid in the process of creating your identity. In addition, you will develop a unique company logo, motto, target market, service specificess identity for your service organization. In an effort to establish your BRAND, you will develop vision, mission, and value statemes, and a promotion strategy. The assignment must be completed using Microsoft Word.

Use Times New Roman 12-point font and double-space your paper. Business Identity (Brand) What is your brand? To get a basic idea, ask yourself the following questions: What image do I want to portray to the public and potential customers? How will my business be identified? How will my building and vehicles be identified? What is our purpose? What does my logo “say” to prospective customers? What services will we provide? What type of pay and benefits will we provide to our employees? The purpose of a business identity is to create top-of-mind awareness by promoting your company to the public. It is establishing a brand for your organization. Your identity assignment needs to include the following:

A vision statement – include a short explanation of what your vision means

A mission statement – include a short explanation of what your mission means

At least two value statements – include an explanation of them

Design a company logo unique to your organization o Describe the image you desire to portray. Make sure it makes sense.

• Develop a company motto and fully explain what it means (include the motto with the logo)

• Identify your target market – Who are they, what is their age range, are they professional or blue collar, where do they live, what is their average income, married or single, what are they looking for when it comes to service, what type of repairs are they looking for, etc.? Do this before you develop a promotion strategy. You must know who you are targeting before you can decide how you will reach them.

• Describe your business operations – Describe your hours of operation, what the focus of your business is, list some of the services you offer, prices for your services, customer labor rates, how much you pay your employees, are they hourly or salary, how often are they paid, and what MA-234 Customer Relations Automated Management Brand assignment Mr. Croft 2 specific benefits you will provide to your employees. Identify the specific benefits and elaborate on them. You must provide them with benefits.

• Describe your promotion strategy – How will you advertise your company to the public? Be specific with the methods of promotion you will use. Describe how you will promote using the different advertising methods you choose. Describe an actual plan. You must have at least five methods of promotion. (Format your paper in the same order as the bullet points listed above. Use headings to identify each section. I have a Word document already formatted for you to use. It is located inside the week 2 folder.) All of this help you determine what your brand is going to be. Be clear and concise in each area of the assignment. Elaborate to the point where you convince me you understand the material. The more information you provide, the better chance you have to obtain a higher grade. Your business identity assignment has a minimum word count of at least 1200 words. Any assignment with less than 1200 words will receive a grade of zero. What is Top-of-Mind-Awareness? What is a promotion strategy? When we think of a certain product or service, the first companies, brands or stores that come to mind are likely some of the most successful ones. For example, when we think of toothpaste, the first brands that might come to mind probably include Crest or Colgate. When we feel a sneeze coming on, we usually grab for a Kleenex rather than a tissue. When we have a cut or scrape, we look for a Band-Aid, not a bandage. These successful companies have created top-of-mind-awareness since these brands are literally at the top of consumers’ minds. Top-of-mind-awareness is a marketing strategy that all businesses should strive for because if their company isn’t “top of mind,” then someone else’s is. Creating top-of-mind-awareness for your business is vital when it comes to developing and growing your business. Establishing a clear and memorable identity is the first step in creating top-of-mind-awareness for your business. Customer recognition of your business’s name and logo are important. The clearer your overall business identity is, the more likely your business is to survive and thrive.

You want the customer to think of your company first when they think of service. MA-234 Customer Relations Automated Management Brand assignment Mr. Croft 3 Here are some examples of how to create top-of-mind-awareness: (These are only examples to help guide you through the promotion strategy)

✓ Social media campaign. Identify which social media outlets you will use to promote your services and products. How will social media be used to market yourself and your company to prospective customers? Explain an actual social media strategy.

✓ Create a brochure. One that can be used as a handout or mailing piece; put at the front counter or used during a business presentation.

✓ Launch a website. Use photos of your business, services or products. Be sure that the website is easy to navigate, appealing to the consumer, and maintains accurate information. Update the site regularly, including sales, promotions and other special events.

✓ Radio advertising Include the stations you will advertise on. State what genre of music the station plays or if they are talk radio or sports talk. What days will you advertise? What time of the day? What will the ad include? Etc.

✓ Maintain solid customer relations. Call or send out personalized thank-you, birthday or holiday cards. Follow up with a phone call on large customer purchases. Take preferred and frequent customers out for lunch or offer customer appreciation events and promotions.

You may use two of the examples I have listed above and then add your own ideas for promotion into your strategy. Be as detailed as possible regarding the avenues of promotion you will use.

Describe an actual plan for your promotion. Remember, you must have at least five advertising methods. Label your advertising method and then explain how you will use it to attract your target audience. For example: Social Media(Explain your strategy for social media below the heading)

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