Cultural misunderstanding between Hong Kong and Australia people

Cultural misunderstanding between Hong Kong and Australia people

After reading the Requirements below, write a 450 word reflection exploring a single aspect

Your reflection should:


Marking scheme:

Description 20%

Analysis 45%

Expression 20%

Conclusion 15%

Please focus more on analysis part.


Write using a clear, professional tone. No need to be too formal—just be clear. Nice, short sentences are best.


Make sure you have reviewed the following resources in the Weekly Activities folder and the lecture-workshops from Weeks 1, 3, 4 & 5:


The reading ‘Understanding Relationships’ (Week 3)


The reading, ‘Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions’ (Week 4)


The video on actor-observer bias, ‘Attribution theory – Attribution error and culture’ (Week 4)


For this assessment you will write a 450 word reflective analysis, which (1) describes

(a) a single intercultural misunderstanding you have encountered in your life,


As part of your analysis, consider one of these themes discussed in the lectures, workshops and readings:


1 Individualistic vs collectivist cultures

2 Socratic tradition vs. Confucian tradition

3 High context vs. low context

4 Indulgence vs. restraint

5 Personal space (Proxemics)

6 Touch (Haptics)

7 Body language (Kinesics)

8 Interpretation of time (Chronemics)

And (2) analyses its underlying causes and impacts with reference to something


Please follow this background part to write a reflective analysis, thanks

In Hong Kong, people tends to have a rush and fast expression .They only speak bullet points because of hustle lifestyle there, actually Hong Kong people are nice and kind. Just because of tight schedule every day they are too tired to say too much. People from western countries would feel they are rude or mean. In fact, they are not. It is a cultural misunderstanding.

Not like Australia,people will give a nice facial expression or a smile to strangers and ask how are you ?or encourage each other and  have a warm and long conversation.

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