Current child protection policy issues in NSW

Current child protection policy issues in NSW

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the information provided on the subject outline and the marking rubric.

In this critical analysis report, you must respond to 2 key questions:

(1) What are the current child protection policy issues in NSW? (Approximately 1,000 words)

Definitions of OOHC and the form of OOHC intervention you have chosen (my chosen one is Foster Care) for this report.

Consolidate current policies of your chosen OOHC intervention (e.g., therapeutic care or permanency) Please consider David Tune’s Independent Review of Out of Home Care in NSW as well

What are the overall objectives of these policies?

What are the key features of these policies? (e.g., early intervention programs to at-risk families, improving permanency, more support for carers etc.)

What are the priority issues affecting the effectiveness of this policy? (e.g., unmet demands for services, insufficient workforce capacity).

-Show that you are aware of there is change and amendment in the policy and aware of its implications on affected children.

(2) What are the impacts of your chosen the OOHC intervention on children and families? (Approximately 8,00 words)

Consider the strengths and limitations of the OOHC intervention (e.g., children are kept safe? Children are harmed in care?)

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