Developing a Shared Vision


Choose two issues or challenges that the leaders of today’s health care organizations face.
Select from among the following topics:
1. Staff Shortage (Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Providers, Ancillary Services)
2. Reorganization in Response to Merger or Consolidation of Services
3. Layoffs as a Result of Declining Revenues
4. Influx of Registry, Part-Time, and Temporary Contract Staff
5. Poor Performance Outcomes Leading to a Reduction in Medicare Reimbursement Dollars
5. Poor Job Satisfaction Rates Resulting in Turnover
You are the manager of an ancillary service department at a large, 500+ bed hospital. Develop a
proposal (750-1,200 words) that is directed toward your staff, in which you address the following:
1. Inform the staff of the two issues (from the topics provided) your organization is facing.


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