Developing Child Paper

For this second assignment, you will either a) need access to a child between the ages of ½ year
and 12 years (don’t just grab a random kid off of the street, make sure that you know the parents
and that you explain to them exactly what your project entails), or b) make up a fictional child
between the ages of ½ year and 12 years. In this paper, you will address the child’s development
with respect to several areas that we’ve covered in the developmental lectures. To start, you’ll
want to describe the child in terms of:
Name, age, background information, and other general details,
Identity development (both past and current issues related to Erikson’s theory of identity
development and Marcia’s theory),
Cognitive development (both past and current issues related to Piaget’s theory of cognitive

Attachment type (based on Ainsworth’s theory of attachment),
And moral development (based on Kohlberg’s theory)
After describing the above details, you need to test the child (or pretend to test the child if you’re
using a fictional child) on a Piaget-related age appropriate struggle that they’re currently going
through (e.g. object permanence). You need to describe their performance on this test, using
terms from Piaget’s work to describe your findings and experimentation. You must also propose
a few ways that you might be able to help the child master this challenge—or another cognitive
challenge that they might be focused on—by building off of the theories and terminology of Lev
In the end, you will earn points for providing the following information:
Your description of the child that you’re “testing”, with each section being between 1 to 3
paragraphs long
Your description of your “experiment” on the child, the child’s performance, what this indicates
about his/her cognitive development, and how you might be able to help this child better
understand the cognitive concept more effectively
Proper grammar, creativity, and depth of coverage in the paper

Properly formatted in-text citations and reference list (use APA Format)
The written portion of the assignments (not the reference page) should be a maximum of three,
typed, double-spaced, pages in length—do not mess with font size and margins to make your
paper longer or shorter. You will not lose points for having a paper that is shorter than three
pages, but if you are fulfilling all of the requirements, your paper will be at least two full pages.
Make sure that your paper is written as an expository essay. It needs to be coherent, with
smooth transitions between topics, and it must be in essay form. You should not have different
sections in your paper. There should also be no bullet points or other forms of separation in the
Please write several drafts, spell check, proofread, and revise your work before submitting your
assignment. You will not receive full credit if your assignment contains multiple grammatical,
spelling, or stylistic mistakes.

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