This week we learned about the growth and development of the Pre-School, School Age and Adolescent child. One of the major areas of concern is accident prevention. As a nurse it is important to educate the child and parents on these issues. Identify 3 areas of risk for injury for each of the age groups (Pre-School, School Age and Adolescent) and discuss education you would provide for each. Cite Sources.



This assignment is intended to explore various theories and influences regarding human development. You will use research skills and communicate and support your ideas using clear and logical writing.

Take the major points (origin and interpretation of the “The Saying” and its relevance to lifespan human and how “The Saying: As the twig is bent so grows the tree” applies to Bayleigh Teepa-Tarau (12yrs of age) from New Zealand diagnose with autism and a description of Bayleigh stage of human development (based on Erikson stage 4 and 5) and write the transcript of what you will be presenting. The transcript should be about a page long.


The transcript should include the following:

Ø  Application of developmentalist theories

Ø  History and Interpretation of the Saying

Ø  Application of the saying to a person

Ø  Description of the person’s stage of human development



Create a PowerPoint Slide. The presentation should be approximately 4-8 slides. In your presentation, you are encouraged to be creative and engaging, however, the information you present must be grounded in accurate application of development thinking.

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