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Does Cosmetic surgery hinder self-esteem?

To most people, men are minds, power and the amount of money they have and no one cares about what face they carry or wear. Conversely, this is not the case for women, women are beautiful based on their bodies and their faces. Nowadays, people want to be more perfect and beautiful, thus do anything to fulfill their needs. Cosmetic surgery is a modern variation practice that is dedicated to reconstructing facial and body defects due to trauma, burns, birth disorders and diseases. It is intended to correct some dysfunctional body parts. Well, this practice has been an issue of debate where some individuals claim that cosmetic surgery boosts self-esteem while other people argue that it hinders self-esteem; cosmetic surgery is a practice that hinders self-esteem as people fail to appreciate themselves just the way they are and seek for perfectionism.

Whatever the reasons are, many individuals than ever are reporting that they are not contented and happy with the way they look. Additionally, studies have proven that happiness is directly linked to people’s self-perception of physical attractiveness. Thus, it isn’t surprising that most people are pleased with the results they achieve after they undergo cosmetic surgeries and affirm that they feel much better about themselves (Llewellyn 29). While some people argue that cosmetic surgery can help improve the self-worth, self-esteem and confidence, those individuals who expect total and complete transformation can be totally disappointed.

Cosmetic surgery undermines and hinders self-esteem and makes individuals not accept themselves as they are. If people loved and liked themselves, they wouldn’t feel the need of changing themselves. Women specifically are conditioned to look better. There is so much pressure to be thin and beautiful and this causes immense self-loathing amounts and emotional distress in women all over the world (Serpil & Uluşahin 452). Cosmetic surgery makes people feel less confident as they always think that other people like a fake version of them. It is not nature’s true reflection as it is intended and leads people to feel less in tune with themselves.

Just like the prefix to the word self-esteem states, self-esteem is entirely dictated to one’s SELF. We have all heard the famous quote that states that,” We should first love ourselves and everything else around us falls into line,” in all aspects of life but as cliché as it might sound, most individuals have forgotten about it, and that is why most plastic surgeons’ advice their patients to never get any procedure for anybody but for themselves.

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