Does Immigration Hurt American Workers ‘Outline’

Student’s name



Date Does Immigration Hurt American Workers? ‘Outline’


Definition of immigration

relation of immigration to American workers

thesis statement (support that ‘immigration hurts Americans’ )


very low unemployment rates

diversity of American culture

America becoming a world nation where everyone desires to go

Measures already in place to prevent all jobs being taken by immigrants

Reason #1- loss of jobs to immigrants

Influx of professionals within the American system

Other cultures being considered than Americans in trying to make them feel welcome and not discriminated against

Kindness and humility which hurts Americans as they lose their jobs while other individuals take their jobs

Reason #2- stretching of resources

Immigrants using social amenities and other resources which otherwise belong to Americans

Congress budget towards accommodation of immigrants going high and making it unable to focus on Americans fully

Reason #3- lowering American standards

Borrow money especially from social services without ever contributing towards that kitty

Because of them the cost of items goes down and this leads to united states beginning to be like any other country

Their general way of life makes America look like a third world country


Final comments about the different arguments presented


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