Effective Project Manager Assignment


Your response will be evaluated by subject matter experts on the following competencies:
Building Inclusive Relationships: Demonstrates respect in interactions, values diversity, solicits and incorporates others’ perspectives, works collaboratively, helps others when needed, and resolves conflicts in a constructive manner.
Analytical Thinking: Gathers and analyzes information, identifies and addresses problems or issues, and makes informed decisions or recommendations.
Subject Matter Expertise – Project Management: Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of project management principles with specific experience in leading projects that require defining business needs, managing project scope, monitoring progress and implementing business application systems.

Please provide a PowerPoint presentation to the question below.
The following situation is hypothetical. This section of the exercise is asking you to describe how you would act in the following situation. Consider what questions you would ask, if/how you would involve your principal (the person who you are assigned to), and the judgments you would need to make to effectively manage the project.

1. You’ve been assigned to work in a functional business unit of the CFPB’s Consumer

Response Office to manage a cross functional implementation of a new business process change that affects multiple units within the Office.

What specific actions would you take to respond to this request and ensure that the objectives of all stakeholders are met? Please include the following in your response:
a. Define the project scope and team
b. Role in the project
c. Stakeholders that you would involve
d. Overall goal of the project
e. The resource investment (e.g., time, functionality, funding, etc.)
f. Expected outcome of the project

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