Ethics and Legal Dilemma in Child Health

Ethics and Legal Dilemma in Child Health

Ethics and Legal Forum Discussion-Mental Health and Child Health-

Due Week 4 Forum Discussion Board

Students will post a substantive discussion post on the ethics and legal implications of

nursing practice in mental health and pediatrics with no less than 250 words and a

minimum of 2 scholarly references. Please refer to assignment for more details.

Mental Health (substitute with Child Health)

Part A: 3 marks

You are to identify one ethical dilemma a nurse may encounter when caring for a client with mental illness (substitute with when caring for a child and their family). Start a new entry in the forum discussion “Ethics and Legal Discussion” in which you:

  • Title the entry to reflect the ethical dilemma
  • Describe the dilemma and provide rational as to why there is a dilemma.
  • State what ethical principles are involved
  • Indicate factors involved or related to this dilemma for example, specific legislation, value or belief systems, rights of various persons
  • Specify what factors or aspects should be considered in resolving the dilemma.
  • Indicate what principles, accountabilities, and resources can be used to guide nurses in resolving the dilemma
  • Provide specific and/or scenarios where possible- would this be very different from the dilemma they have described above. Are they providing additional examples of similar dilemmas?
  • Indicate your views
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and reflection
  • Write in a scholarly manner, including use of the term “I”
  • Use gender neutral language

Your post should be approximately 250 words. You are to use one scholarly article, in addition to relevant sections of the text book. Your sources are to be cited and referenced in accordance with APA 7th Edition Requirements

Part B: 1 mark

Contribute to the ethical dilemma entry/discussion of one of your peers. In your contribution you will:

  • Indicate your understanding of the dilemma
  • Discuss your views
  • Offer additional factors or considerations in resolving dilemma; link peers with other resources as relevant, including scholarly article (s)
  • Clearly state areas or aspects of the discussion with which you agree and disagree and provide your reasons for agreement or disagreement – this could be an expansion of bullet #2 rather than a separate one, I think
  • Pose critical questions
  • Demonstrate critical thinking




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