Ethics in Law Enforcement

Write a documented essay[i] expressing your opinion on the following topic:
Chapters five and six(6) of your text, discusses types of police misconduct as well as the ethical
issues pertinent to law enforcement officers asked to report misconduct among their colleagues.
For this paper, address the following topics:
Identify and discuss the possible ethical dilemma(s) presented to police officers privy to
misconduct by their colleagues. (3 points)
Then, provide and fully explain two(2) provisions that a police department can implement to
create a culture of ethical behavior and professionalism among its officers. (5 points)

Fully discuss why you believe that the two(2) provisions you’ve proposed above would propagate
an ethical culture in the department. (5 points)
Identify possible challenges to your proposed provisions, and discuss what a police department
can do to address these challenges. (5 points)
Form and Format Requirements: (2 points)
Students must use the textbook as well as additional outside resources as reference.
Paper must be a minimum of 2 to 3 pages in length.
Double spaced
12 pt. font
1” margin
Use APA format. Citations must be listed in a separate ‘Reference Page.’

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